Corridor Exhibition

So at Uni we had the opportunity to have our work be put up in the corridor of our end of the building. I was reluctant at first as I don’t have a very extensive library of work, and most of it is more illustration than fine art so I figured I wouldn’t be allowed since I’m on a fine art course. But they were fine with it so I put up one of the only things I had that I actually wanted to show, along with 2 old paintings I did.

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Little plaques with my name and stuff on have been added but you get the idea. the paintings are trash and really not at all my usual style but it’s all I had to hand.

What I wanted to show was the drawing. It was another stream of consciousness type thing that I suppose I gradually gave meaning to throughout the process. I ended up naming it ‘Addiction’ although I refer to it as ‘Vulgar’ due to the repetition of the word in the piece.

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I’m pretty sure i’ve shown the piece before, but I only just had it scanned in so figured I’d post a nicer version of the image.

It’s incredibly scruffy, but it was done in an evening so I guess what do you expect? I’m not usually one to spend days and weeks on a piece, I try to capture an ides or feeling very early on I suppose, hopefully that is expressed in this piece.

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