Old School Influence

So I went to my local comic book store (I know, in England?!) and had a little peruse. I had a bit of disposable money so thought considering my art is leaning very heavily towards comics and graphic novels I might as well own some for myself. I’ve always been a fan of the old stuff so I managed to find a few things from the 70s (even going back to ’69) and 80s, with a few funky covers and pages, picked them up for a couple of quid each and haven’t looked back.

Old action comics stuff, the spirit, swamp thing, most of the great names I was looking for. Will Eisner and Alan Moore in particular. The art is gorgeous, I can’t wrap my head around the use of colour? I want to look into silver age comic colour palettes because wow, love it.

I’ve accumulated a few graphic novels in the last couple of years, incredibly slowly, I only have 4 but I love them, they’re excellent and I would definitely recommend each of them.


Moore and Gibbon’s WATCHMEN is a historical turning point for comics and graphic novels. The writing is superb and the art is there to match it. Unrivalled by anything I know of, it is a must have in a book collection.

Hewlett and Martin’s TANK GIRL is the peak of punk art. Commonly better known as the artist for the Gorillaz, Hewlett’s story of rags to riches through fanzine art has always motivated me.

Otero’s WHO KILLED KURT COBAIN is an excellent read for fans of Cobain, and the art is beautifully messy, suiting the tone of the story very well.

Canales and Guarnido’s BLACKSAD combines stories of the hard boiled Disney-esque anthropomorphic detective cat Blacksad and I can’t get enough.

In short pick up watchmen. You won’t regret it, and if you have a chance, pick up the oldest comics you can find because there’s nothing quite like them anymore. The art in each of these books are gorgeous. It’s important to read and look at other peoples work, especially if it’s similar to your own, discover what they do right

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