Final 4

My final 4 pieces for my final project. I showed one with Trump but I’m hoping it makes more sense in context to the others now?

The first being America, second being Russia and third being North Korea. All of whom are the basis for global nuclear panic, the topic of these pieces.

The idea is each of them have exactly the same panel layout and essentially the same thing going on in each, which can really be seen in the side profile of the faces (each of which has the respective countries leader (or at least my stylistic rendition of them)). The originals are simpy black ink on white card, made using fine liners and a brush pen.

This is the first time I’ve done a series of pages like this, and although they are not great individually and I could’ve done a much better job, I’m pretty happy with how they ended up AS A SERIES. There is however another piece I’m actually kind of still working on. 2 days before my assessment, and incredibly smart move.


I’ve had this exact design (minus the clock) drawn out since the beginning of this project so it’s quite nice to finally see it come to exist. It’s just the line work for now, but I’ve scanned it and everything just in case it gets ruined. I only plan to do a wash with this grey, slightly yellow, watercolour to highlight subtle shading. I worry there’s a bit too much going on in this one, I guess that’s why I want it to be A3? So there’s not so much going on in such a tight space.

The Korean means “Collateral”, also the name of the piece. I’m sure you can kind of work out what it’s trying to say if you have a close look.

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