Concept Art

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t felt a bit lost since finishing uni, although it was a frustrating (although very rewarding) first year, I’ve been really unsure of what to spend my time doing. So I tried brainstorming some ideas for a bigger project with something that I feel would develop my art style with an actual result… a graphic novel.

Say what you will but this idea excites me, the possibility of having a physical book that I could hold of art I did myself, showing a story I myself wrote.. it gives me goosebumps!

The issue I’m having is coming up with an actual solid story I would want to tell. I just have a lot of loose thoughts, so I wanted to play on that and not really have a story at all, a journey yes, but sort of a thoughtful thing? Anyway I did some preliminary concept art for characters or figures in the idea I’ve been developing.

Without spoiling anything, I just wanted to use different artistic approaches towards showing God-like figures that will interact with the protagonist. It’s all early on in the process so there’s lots to do yet, hopefully this gives an idea of the themes at least.

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