Illustrative Collage – Exploration

Illustrative Collage is a title I kind of made up. I think a more accurate title would be Illustrative Photo Montage, but I suppose that doesn’t have the same ring to it.

It’s something I’m still very much trying to explore and develop for myself, trying to narrow it down to my own niche simply because the genre, although very specific, is incredibly broad. You can make a collage/photo montage about anything, but my art generally is fuelled a lot more by anger, so I try to focus on satire and things in everyday life that make very little sense to me.

It started with seeing the work of my new primary artistic influence, Halfdan Pisket. If you look at his work then look at mine, you will quite obviously see some influence to my work, which I think is probably a good thing for a new style and project, particularly if I want it to ever make a dent in contemporary art.


Following this, I wanted to explore something with a bit more conscious composition and symbolism to convey a message. This following piece was displayed in a hallway exhibition in my University.

A3 Boi corrected

This piece is more about addiction and how it affects us. Trying to analyse it now there is so much rubbish I could spew about it, but trying not to be a pretentious artist I won’t go into it, disregarding the fact that half of it was actually unintentional. I suppose every piece I make is a learning opportunity, as cliche as that sounds. I very rarely make final pieces, especially with drawing. It’s usually just happy accidents, lots of them. The yellow and greys somehow seem to work together to make a “vulgar” yet interestingly attractive background, although I suppose it’s down to preference.

I never want to fall into the commercial sinkhole of making work that I can’t look at and say I’m proud. the mere prospect of that makes me uncomfortable. Although I know how difficult it can be to make it in the world of art by making stuff that appeals to you, especially if it appeals to ONLY you.



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